Kampo Consultation

Kampo Consultation drugstore Kaede-do


Kaede-do, a Kampo consultation drugstore, is a Kampo consultation drug store located in Akasaka, the center of Fukuoka city.

This shop is for those who are new to Kampo decoction or who want to feel free to try Kampo.

At Kaede-do, you can easily start with a glass of “freshly made pure Kampo”.

We offer Chinese herbal decoctions tailored to each customer’s constitution and symptoms.

Feel free to improve your constitution with Kampo decoction


When you hear about Chinese medicine, do you have a high image that it is difficult to take?

Please try one cup first.

If your body needs it, it will surely taste good.

It’s not enough to go to the hospital, but something is wrong.

I’m worried about the coldness of my body

Chinese herbal medicine is recommended when you feel sick or to improve your constitution.

How to Drink

①Choose kampo

②Buy goods

③Heat in the microwave

④Prepare 300㎖ of water

⑤Remove the contents from the package

⑥Take the bag containing Kampo and make a small cut by hand.

⑦Put water and a bag of kampo in a heat-resistant container and stir well.

⑧Microwave at 600 watts for 5 minutes

⑨Put warm Kampo in a cup and drink

Kaede’s Kampo is 418 yen per packet

10 packs for 5 days recommended for improving your constitution
10 packs of Kampo is 3300 yen.
If it contains 10 packages, it costs 330 yen per package.

At Kaede-do, international Chinese doctors will respond.

Please contact us for any symptoms or concerns you may have.

store information

address 1st floor, 1-1-23 Akasaka, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka
TEL 092-741-7474
business hours Monday to saturday:10:00~19:00
Store holiday Sunday・public holiday
(Irregular holidays on Saturdays)
Parking Lot None
Please use nearby paid parking


◎5 minutes walk south from Akasaka subway station
◎A short walk from the bus stop “Kego Town”
◎20 minutes walk from Tenjin

The orange sign is a landmark